Although Vietnam is rich in renewable energy (RE), Vietnam has invested incommensurately in renewable energy development with the potential and existing strengths. Most people have only known the most common source of renewable energy is hydropower; however, there are a lot of other renewable energy sources such as: wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, biomass (firewood, husk, agricultural residues and forestry), biogas, biofuel, and tidal/ ocean/ wave energy.

Technology plays an important part in developing renewable energy sources. Therefore, Vietnam should study method and technology solutions of the advanced countries in the world to apply effectively.

PTS’ engineers and staffs haven’t stopped studying and looking for technology of renewable energy in the world in order to find appropriate solutions for years. In 2015, PTS has been met some solution providers of renewable energy technologies in Finland and Sweden; signed the memorandum on cooperation in searching for renewable energy sources and exploitation solutions.


Hopefully, PTS will find a new direction to meet the general trend of the world on the use of renewable and clean energy by active actions in 2016.

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