- Year 2009: PTS was established by the members having much experience of power and substation automation, industrial automation and high tech maintenance services.

- August 2009: PTS succeeded in supplying, installing and commissioning SCADA system and connecting RTU system of 110kV Phuc Son substation, 110kV Bim Son substation to Northern Load Dispatch Center.

- February 2010: PTS has established a workshop in Thanh Tri suburban district, Hanoi city for researching and developing, integrating and manufacturing SCADA system, control system, protection system,...

- June 2010: After PTS staffs had finished a training course in Finland and Switzerland, PTS was certified as partner of ABB Finland and ABB Switzerland in substation automation and control and protection products.

- August 2010: PTS and ABB continue to cooperate in project of supplying, installing and commissioning MiniSCADA system in 4 cities in Central Region in extension stage, project of improving load dispatching capacities for 68 substations of 110kV in Northern Region,...

- September 2010: PTS signed contract of improving capacity of SCADA hosts computer center in Northern Load Dispatch Center.

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