Year 2009-2010:

PTS was established by the members having much experience of power and substation automation, industrial automation and high tech maintenance services.

-  August 2009: PTS succeeded in supplying, installing and commissioning SCADA system and connecting RTU system of 110kV Phuc Son substation, 110kV Bim Son substation to Northern Load Dispatch Center.

Year 2011-2012:

PTS has established a workshop in Thanh Tri suburban district, Hanoi city for researching and developing, integrating and manufacturing SCADA system, control system, protection system,...

- June 2010: After PTS staffs had finished a training course in Finland and Switzerland, PTS was certified as partner of ABB Finland and ABB Switzerland in substation automation and control and protection products.

- August 2010: PTS and ABB continue to cooperate in project of supplying, installing and commissioning MiniSCADA system in 4 cities in Central Region in extension stage, project of improving load dispatching capacities for 68 substations of 110kV in Northern Region,...

- September 2010: PTS signed contract of improving capacity of SCADA hosts computer center in Northern Load Dispatch Center.

Year 2012-2013:

PTS signed contract for upgrading and extending many existing automation system in substation and Dispatching Center as:

- Upgrading Computerize system at 220kV Lao Cai substation (Replace server computer and upgrading system)

- Upgrading power transmission capacity of 500kV Nho Quan substation (Supply of busbar protection relay, testing and commisioning)

- Upgrading NLDC SCADA/EMS system – A0 ( Supplying, installation, testing and commissioning for Computerize system)

- Phase 2 NLDC Upgrade Sub-Project (Design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of RTUs and Communication Equipment)

- Upgrade capacity of transformer for 220 kV Lao Cai

Year 2013-2014:

PTS continued with new project for the whole primary, secondary, telecom and computerized system for substation up to 500kV voltage level:

- Supply of Control and Protection panels, 24kV cubicles, computerized system, telecommunication system, SCADA equipment and installation service for Nhon Hoi 110kV substation and branch line, Phuoc Son 110kV substation and branch line and Second circuit of 110kV line Ba Don – Song Gianh sub-project

- Supply of equipment and materials, insulators, conductors, accessories, telecommunication and SCADA equipment for Quan Ngang 110kV substation and branch line

- Supply and installation of SCADA system (RTU/Gateway) for Thanh My 110kV substation

- Supply and Transportation of Primary Equipment and Materials for Extension of feeders at Chem 220kV Substation (including receipt formalities for the import of Goods)

- Supply of control and protection panels for Posco Factory and Phu My for 110kV Substation

- Upgrading and commissioning of computerize control system, relays and SCADA system for 220kV Soc Son substation

-  Supply and Transportation of Primary equipment and materials for substation and telecommunication system for 220kV Bac Kan substation

-  Supply and Transportation of Primary equipment and materials for 220kV Bac Giang substation from (125+250MVA) to 2x250MVA

Year 2014-2015

PTS beginning to Hydro Power Plant and Indusstrial Factory projects:

- Supplying material and equipment for 110kV substation Hydro power Plant Tat Ngoang- Chieng Hac - Moc Chau - Son La

- Supplying maintenance  and repair services for the communication systems at Dung Quat Oil Refinery Plant of Purchase Order No. 32/ĐH-KT

- Installation of 2nd transformer at 500kV Ha Tinh substation ( Package 3: Supply and installation of secondary equipment and system configuration)

- Processing, development, installation and completion of software for substations and northern high voltage center for collection of parameters and diagrams from the 110kV substations

- Supply and Transportation of Primary equipment and materials for substation and SCADA system configuration for Upgrading 220kV Thai Binh substation from (125+250MVA) to 2x250MVA project

- Establishing of simulation SCADA system and collection of grid data at substations of Hai Phong Power Company ( Supply and installation of equipments and SCADA system at substations and software for local HMI computers)

Year 2016-2017:

PTS concentrated in the trending of  SAS (substation automation system) 220kV transmission line projects:

- Package III.3.7: Supply and installation of fault-location equipment for 220kV Xekaman1-Pleiku2 transmission line

- Supply of Market, Engineering and Financial Study for Nhon Trach 3 Power Plant project

- Package 4: Supply and transportation of secondary equipment and Automation system for Son Ha 220kV Substation

- Package 13:  Supply and transportation of secondary equipment and materials for 220kV Ngu Hanh Son substation and 220kV Danang – District No.3 (Ngu Hanh Son District) Transmission Line

- Package 02/XL: Supply, installation of equipment and materials, configuration, commissioning and testing of relay control system at Phu Bai, Cau Hai 110kV substation and configuration of SCADA system, computerized control system, testing of connection to SCADA system of Thua Thien Hue Power Company and A3

- Package 3: Supply and transportation of materials and equipment for substation (including configuration and commissioning of computerized control system for 220kV Lao Cai substation

Year 2018-2019:

PTS in the trending of renewable energy with Solar Power Plant and OCC (Operation Control Center) projects:

- Supply MiniSCADA for Pleiku city and Tam Ky city in Central Region

- Fault location equipment for 220kV, 500kV transmission lines in Package 2 (Supply of equipment, connection, commissioning and operation)

- Package No.4: Supply and transportation of secondary equipment and materials for Project Installation of the second transformer at Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang, Bao Thang 220kV substation

- Supply and transportation of primary equipment for Bao Lam 220kV substation

- Package QNa-EPC-06: Design, supply and set up of SCADA-DMS system from 110kV substation to Quang Nam control center and EVNCPC monitoring center

- Package NPC/LM.110kV-G09: Supply and transportation of the remaining equipment and materials for project:  Installation of the second transformer at Y Yen 110kV substation;  Installation of the second transformer at Nam Dan 110kV substation

- Extension of Dinh Vu 220kV substation ( Supply and transportation of primary equipment and materials)

- EPC Contract for Vinh Hao 6 Solar Power Plant (50MW):  Supply and installation of equipment and materials for substation, line and switching station

- Supply and transportation of secondary equipment and materials for Xuan Tho 1, 2 Solar Power Plant (2x100MW)

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